Orange County Affogatos

Enter the world of affogato, or affogato al caffè,  – an exquisite Italian coffee-based dessert that elevates the simple pleasures of gelato and espresso. The concept is straightforward yet indulgent: a scoop of gelato delicately submerged in a shot of piping hot espresso. The interplay between the velvety gelato and the creamy top of the espresso is the epitome of culinary harmony, with the rich, light brown hues promising a sensory delight that is distinctly Italian.

During my time in Italy, I cultivated a daily ritual of savoring this divine creation. At around noon, when the call for a siesta beckons but a gentle energy boost is in order, the affogato becomes the perfect solution. The marriage of coffee and gelato creates a moment of pause, a brief respite amidst the day's activities.

Returning home, I find myself missing the daily indulgence that became synonymous with my time abroad. To bridge the gap, I've compiled a list of my preferred affogato options – a collection of go-to fixes that bring a taste of Italy to my everyday routine. Join me in exploring these satisfying combinations that capture the essence of a timeless Italian treat, a blend of simplicity and sophistication in every spoonful.



2937 Bristol St Suite B100-B103, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Definitely a favorite! Choose an Affogato Single ($5.80) or an Affogato Double ($6.90) and enjoy their very authentic Italian dessert with real vanilla gelato.




Filomena's Italian Kitchen & Market

2400 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

So not technically on the menu I believe... but they have espresso and they have gelato and sometimes you can order it when the kitchen is open? They do a beautiful presentation of it so if you're lucky it's quite a treat. 



Kéan Coffee Artisan Roaster

2043 Westcliff Dr. #100, Newport Beach CA 92660

Their affogato is espresso over local handcrafted ice cream for $4.75.


Trenta Pizza & Cucina

1661 Superior Ave ste d, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Trenta comes in as one of my all time favorites. Their Affogato Vaniglia comes with two scoops of gelato and is authentic, simple, and beyond delizioso! $8



The Parlor at Stafford Prime

15771 Red Hill Ave ste 100b, Tustin, CA 92780


Hopper & Burr

202 W 4th St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

Their affogato comes in at $6 and is made with espresso and homemade ice cream (flavor rotates).  


Blue Bottle Coffee 

3366 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA 92663

A little more untraditional, at $9.25, Blue Bottle serves their affogato over vanilla ice cream.  




The Dock

2816 Lafayette Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92663

At $16, The Dock's Affogato is definitely more luxurious with Dock-made vanilla ice cream, hot espresso, and a biscotti. 

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